Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I don't know if he writes for Rolling Stone anymore, but when he did, Matt Taibbi was essentially the only good thing about that magazine. He is vicious and funny and I love his work, especially when he manages to articulate some point that I find myself unable to fully or more artfully express.

For example:

Just as she had during the campaign last fall, Palin defied rational analysis by making a primal connection with the subterranean resentments of white middle America, which is apparently so pissed off now at the rest of the planet for not coddling its hurt feelings in the multicultural age that it is willing to embrace any politician who validates its insane sense of fucked-overness.

Nobody understands this political reality quite like Palin, even if she doesn’t actually understand it in the sense of someone who thinks her way to a conclusion, but merely lives it, unconsciously, with the unerring instinct of a herd animal.

...Sarah Palin [is] the perfect leader for the inevitable pushback against the Obama era, when America in a vague and superficial sort of way decided to celebrate the values of culture, tolerance and knowledge. The other America doesn’t read and doesn’t remember anything it didn’t learn in the last five minutes; it’s angry and unhappy but doesn’t want to think about why, and knows only that it wants someone to pay the price for what it feels.


  1. That's pretty good, but oh man, "The other America doesn’t read and doesn’t remember anything it didn’t learn in the last five minutes" ...that sentence is vomit inducing. It's those kind of statements that keep me from taking anyone with such obvious left (or right) wing slants seriously.

  2. Yeah, I can agree with that, but what I like the most about Taibbi is that while he hates Palin & co, he'salso not in love w/Obama, and doesn't call him out on his failures just to seem even-handed: the dude actually IS even-handed.

  3. Sure, i mean i can't judge that from just one snippet. Just not a big fan of that particular sentence.